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Our distribution service is customized to your marketing needs and to meet your customer's demands.  We service the Boise and surrounding areas.  Our fleet is able to serve a variety of business locations and venues throughout the Treasure Valley.  For long distance transportation quotes, call the transportation specialists at Compton Transfer & Storage at 208-331-3800.

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Freight: Truck and Rail Service:

Located in Boise Idaho, Compton’s offers a variety of professional freight handling services tailored to your unique requirements.  Shipping, receiving, cross dock, pool car/truck, re-load service, distribution, inventory control, packaging and specialty requirements are all available services provided by Compton’s team.  Similar to 1902, we receive products from a variety of modals and redistribute to local businesses.  Whether you ship by rail, dry van, overseas container or even horse and wagon, we have professionals to service your account.  Call 208-331-3800 for inquires or to schedule your shipment.

We know there are all types of products being transported and in need of short or long term storage. In our 112 years of experience we have enjoyed working with customers demanding all types of unique services.  We have relocated safes, aircraft, bridge parts, high fidelity electronic components, and many other products.  Call us with your needs and together we will work to support your operation.  You can trust your merchandise with Compton’s.

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Since 1902, Compton’s professional warehouse operators efficiently move your inventory from rail to truck to merchant

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